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Serwa Gyedu-Nuako

Serwa Gyedu-Nuako, author of Love Letters for Breakfast, is the first of four children, born to a teacher and an engineer. Her love for writing began as a child with endless hours of poring over story books, listening to her two little sisters recount their experiences on countless subjects and writing rhymes and Haiku. She has a penchant for running away into the world of dreams and imaginations where her stories are brewed. Love Letters for Breakfast is her debut novel. Serwaa likes to move away from the life in Accra to savour the sights, scenery and sounds of the hinterlands, climbing the mountains of Aburi and venturing into rugged terrains of Mount Afadja in Hohoe and Obosomase in the Eastern region of Ghana.If she were an animal, she would have been a cat; serious, focused and tenacious, with the tendency to land on her feet when she falls. In spite of her training in the field of banking, she soon discovered that she preferred the imaginary world of losing her way in the labyrinth of sizzling tales with beautiful happy endings to working on figures and numbers.

Her Books Include:

Love Letters for Breakfast
Love Letters for Breakfast
A compilation of five thought-provoking Ghanaian short stories about strong women, the hustles they face...
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