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Do you have an idea for a book?

Would you like some guidance while writing your first draft?

Whatever stage you’re at, our writing mentors are here to help you.

You will work with a suitable writing mentor, a coach who will give you one-to-one guidance and
feedback on your work to help develop your ideas.

Our mentors are published and experienced editors.

Please email a sample of your finished manuscript to for a quotation

All manuscripts are held in the strictest confidence. Please tell us where you’ve got to with your
manuscript and your expectations for the mentoring process.

We will read through your manuscript, suggest a suitable writing mentor and outline the schedule and terms of payment.

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Larajah Limited has a passion for creative expression. We work with our authors to ensure their words travel beyond the pages of their books and connects with people in communities, cities and continents
around the world.

We are proud of our role as a cultural institution that serves society not only with the books we publish and the power of the written word, but through our initiatives to boost reading, literacy and
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