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We are a company with a highly experienced team which has in-depth knowledge and extensive contacts in the Corporate, Retail, Education, Arts and Entertainment Sectors.
Professional Workforce and Training Services
Professional Workforce and Training Services
Larajah Limited Limited provides professionally trained and qualified workforce for permanent and temporary roles, as well as corporate, administrative and non-administrative training services.
Events and Productions for Learning/Entertainment
Events and Productions for Learning/Entertainment
We recognise the value of educating our nation through a bricolage of poetry, drama and storytelling. Our plays, which are written and produced by internationally renowned playwrights, poets and directors..
Training For Corporate Staff
Training For Corporate Staff
We provide first class training for corporate staff on topics including: Timekeeping, Attention to Detail, Professionalism in the Workplace and First Impressions (client to company) Meet the client (in person / on phone)
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Larajah Limited has a passion for creative expression. We work with our authors to ensure their words travel beyond the pages of their books and connects with people in communities, cities and continents
around the world.
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