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The Ga-Tabom

The Ga-Tabom - Book Cover
Accra, like many other cities of the world, owes its colour to its diversity. The Tabom are not to be left out when discussing this diversity. The various intermarriages that have taken place between them and the indigenous Gas, the Islamic touch and their influence on the Muslim community. By the time one finishes reading this book, they would understand why the Tabom Mantse bears an Islamic name and be prompted to want to know more.
When the other components of the broader Tabom genealogical tree such as the Nelsons, Lutterodts, Mortons, Fiscians, Ribeiros and others compile their stories as Dr Toyin has done for the Peregrinos, the whole history of the Taboms would have been completed.

The Taboms of which the Peregrinos are a constituent since their arrival on the Gold Coast in the 19th Century have been mired in legal tussles among themselves and the landowners who hosted them.
This has continued to date among their descendants and others. The land dispute between the Peregrinos and their brothers from the larger Brimah family with whom they share only paternity in a polygamous setting is a typical case in point. They are also engaged in a legal tussle with the Amidu Butcher family. Both cases are contained in this publication.

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